Personal Investment Process: Cryptos

Note: This is the process I use for every Crypto token except Bitcoin (which I consider as a “Storage of Value” Asset). Also, I would like to see myself as an investor in a crypto project and not as someone trading in & out of a project-based solely on the technical analysis. I value peaceContinue reading “Personal Investment Process: Cryptos”

Bitcoin is in a bubble waiting to burst !

I was reading the transcript of the interview by Dr. Prannoy Roy of Prof. Raghuram Rajan and others, where they talk also about Bitcoin. And you can relax, Bitcoin is not in a bubble and it is not going away ! 🙂 When asked by Dr. Prannoy Roy about Bitcoin being a in a bubble,Continue reading “Bitcoin is in a bubble waiting to burst !”

Quickstart: How to buy Cryptocurrencies & tokens ?

The easiest way it to buy cryptocurrencies is through a cryptocurrency exchange. Here are the ones I use: FTX: My favorite exchange. I like the simplicity, speed of the site & has the lowest fees among the exchanges I am using. Almost all the functions are available on both the website and the mobile app.Continue reading “Quickstart: How to buy Cryptocurrencies & tokens ?”