Company Insight: Proterra

Proterra (Ticker Symbol: PTRA) is an electric transit and EV technology solutions company for commercial transport applications. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. MANAGEMENT TEAM:Jack Allen, Chairman and Chief Executive Office; Dustin Grace, Chief Technology Officer, Amy Ard, Chief Financial Ofiicer; Ryan Popple, Co-founder & Director COMPETITION:Canoo (Ticker Symbol: GOEV): At first look,Continue reading “Company Insight: Proterra”

Step-by-Step Guide: LP Staking on Anchor Protocol

Anchor Protocol is a credit and lending platform built on the Terra Blockchain Protocol. ANC is the native token of Anchor Protocol and LUNA is the native staking token of the Terra Blockchain Protocol. This post will show you how to stake ANC-UST Liquidity Pool (LP) Token on Anchor Protocol to earn a three-digit annualizedContinue reading “Step-by-Step Guide: LP Staking on Anchor Protocol”

Industry Analysis: Insurance

The insurance industry broadly consists of individual or companies who want to protect themselves against the risk of a negative outcome or insuring against loss by events like fire, accident, storm, hurricanes or theft by paying a risk premium to the Insurer, who guarantee a payment to the Policy Holder if the negative event occurs.Continue reading “Industry Analysis: Insurance”