Company Insight: Proterra

Proterra (Ticker Symbol: PTRA) is an electric transit and EV technology solutions company for commercial transport applications. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. MANAGEMENT TEAM:Jack Allen, Chairman and Chief Executive Office; Dustin Grace, Chief Technology Officer, Amy Ard, Chief Financial Ofiicer; Ryan Popple, Co-founder & Director COMPETITION:Canoo (Ticker Symbol: GOEV): At first look,Continue reading “Company Insight: Proterra”

Industry Analysis: Insurance

The insurance industry broadly consists of individual or companies who want to protect themselves against the risk of a negative outcome or insuring against loss by events like fire, accident, storm, hurricanes or theft by paying a risk premium to the Insurer, who guarantee a payment to the Policy Holder if the negative event occurs.Continue reading “Industry Analysis: Insurance”