Chart Updates Week 31: Proterra Inc.

In the last post about Proterra (see Company Insight: Proterra), I mentioned the stock price being range-bound and moving sideways without any clear trend. After the earning report, the price has broken the support at 13.25 USD and seems to be consolidating inside the range between 10.5 & 12 on the 1D timeframe chart. TheContinue reading “Chart Updates Week 31: Proterra Inc.”

Company Insight: Proterra

Proterra (Ticker Symbol: PTRA) is an electric transit and EV technology solutions company for commercial transport applications. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. MANAGEMENT TEAM:Jack Allen, Chairman and Chief Executive Office; Dustin Grace, Chief Technology Officer, Amy Ard, Chief Financial Ofiicer; Ryan Popple, Co-founder & Director COMPETITION:Canoo (Ticker Symbol: GOEV): At first look,Continue reading “Company Insight: Proterra”

Personal Investment Process: Cryptos

Note: This is the process I use for every Crypto token except Bitcoin (which I consider as a “Storage of Value” Asset). Also, I would like to see myself as an investor in a crypto project and not as someone trading in & out of a project-based solely on the technical analysis. I value peaceContinue reading “Personal Investment Process: Cryptos”

Step-by-Step Guide: LP Staking on Anchor Protocol

Anchor Protocol is a credit and lending platform built on the Terra Blockchain Protocol. ANC is the native token of Anchor Protocol and LUNA is the native staking token of the Terra Blockchain Protocol. This post will show you how to stake ANC-UST Liquidity Pool (LP) Token on Anchor Protocol to earn a three-digit annualizedContinue reading “Step-by-Step Guide: LP Staking on Anchor Protocol”

Bitcoin is in a bubble waiting to burst !

I was reading the transcript of the interview by Dr. Prannoy Roy of Prof. Raghuram Rajan and others, where they talk also about Bitcoin. And you can relax, Bitcoin is not in a bubble and it is not going away ! 🙂 When asked by Dr. Prannoy Roy about Bitcoin being a in a bubble,Continue reading “Bitcoin is in a bubble waiting to burst !”

Quickstart: How to buy Cryptocurrencies & tokens ?

The easiest way it to buy cryptocurrencies is through a cryptocurrency exchange. Here are the ones I use: FTX: My favorite exchange. I like the simplicity, speed of the site & has the lowest fees among the exchanges I am using. Almost all the functions are available on both the website and the mobile app.Continue reading “Quickstart: How to buy Cryptocurrencies & tokens ?”

Asset Insights: Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin ?Bitcoin is both currency and a payment network or electronic payment system which runs on blockchain. Bitcoin network is Open Source Code Full Consensus Distributed Ledger also called the blockchain. Bitcoin network allows people to transfer value to each other using the internet (point to point) without any intermediaries (decentralized). The transactionContinue reading “Asset Insights: Bitcoin”

Company Analysis: Lemonade

Lemonade (Ticker Symbol: LMND) is Manhattan headquatered public-benefit company in the insurance business and is disrupting the insurance business by being able to keep their adminstrative costs to minimal by using AI to evaluate the risk premium for the insurances and claims. They are currently operating in US and Germany. They have offices in NewContinue reading “Company Analysis: Lemonade”

Industry Analysis: Insurance

The insurance industry broadly consists of individual or companies who want to protect themselves against the risk of a negative outcome or insuring against loss by events like fire, accident, storm, hurricanes or theft by paying a risk premium to the Insurer, who guarantee a payment to the Policy Holder if the negative event occurs.Continue reading “Industry Analysis: Insurance”

Disruptive Innovation Platforms

Efficiency innovations almost always reduce the net number of jobs in an industry, allow the same amount of work (or more) to get done using fewer people. Empowering innovations create jobs for people who build, distribute, sell and service these products. Clayton Christensen1, Author of Innovator´s Dilemma The pandemic of 2020 has pushed most industriesContinue reading “Disruptive Innovation Platforms”