Quickstart: How to buy Cryptocurrencies & tokens ?

The easiest way it to buy cryptocurrencies is through a cryptocurrency exchange. Here are the ones I use:

FTX Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange
My Favorite Centralized Crypto Exchange (CEX)
  • FTX: My favorite exchange. I like the simplicity, speed of the site & has the lowest fees among the exchanges I am using. Almost all the functions are available on both the website and the mobile app. The platform allows daily one free BTC withdrawal and at Tier 1, even one ERC20 withdrawal token if you stake 25 FTT tokens (see below).
  • Binance: Binance is the biggest crypto exchange and I love Binance for the simplicity of the UI and lot of new projects get listed on the platform.
  • Bitstamp: One of the earliest exchanges for Bitcoin. Really robust UI but higher fees compared to Binance.
  • CoinBase: Extremely easy UI and wide-range of Cryptos available. Plus high-liquidity

Step 1: Open an account in a exchange of your choice.
Step 2: Login and complete your KYC.
Step 3: Buy crypto using the Credit/Debit Card (you incur card & currency charges ranging from 3 % to 6%. Read the fine print before buying with cards) or do a SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) transfer from your European Bank account to your Exchange Fiat account wallet. For me SEPA is the easiest and cheapest way to move Fiat to the exchange although it takes at the least 24 hrs from initiation to completion of the transfer.

Disclosure: I have a positions in the cryptos and may or may not increase my position within the coming weeks and months.See my complete cryptocurrency portfolio here.Please read the disclaimer before acting on the information provided on the website. Some of the links in the post may be affiliate links.

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