Disruptive Innovation Platforms

Efficiency innovations almost always reduce the net number of jobs in an industry, allow the same amount of work (or more) to get done using fewer people.

Empowering innovations create jobs for people who build, distribute, sell and service these products.

Clayton Christensen1, Author of Innovator´s Dilemma

The pandemic of 2020 has pushed most industries and companies to have their “Kodak Moment” where they are being forced to pivot away from their legacy business models and towards disruptive innovations. Status Quo is no longer an option. Commercial vehicle industry is already accelerating the adoption of technology and innovation in the area of Autonomous, Connectivity and Electrification to quickly move towards sustainability2 . But it was the presentation by Catherine Wood, CEO & Founder of Ark Investment Management, that introduced me to a more comprehensive picture of the Five Disruptive Innovation Platforms3 :

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Blockchain
  3. Energy Storage
  4. Robotics
  5. Genome Sequencing
;Disruptive Innovation Platforms based on presentation3 by Catherine Wood, Founder & CEO  – Ark Investment Management, LLC.

I plan to build my area of competence in the technologies related to the innovation platforms including Blockchain, AI, Energy Storage and Robotics. In most part also because of my experience in these related technologies helps me expand my knowledge in these areas more intuitivly. And use this knowledge in identifying and analysing publically traded companies using these underlying technologies listed on US and European Stock Exchanges.

Related Innovative Technology Platforms for expanding the area of competence


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